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Horarium (Schedule)

“The prayer, work, and recreation of the day should be so ordered that they both flow from and contribute to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours around which the horarium revolves” (cf. our Constitutions).

We gratefully acknowledge our
sacred heritage from St. Francis
and St. Clare by focusing our
lives on the tabernacle.

The Poor Clare works
because she is poor,
and the poor must
always work hard.

12:30 rise for Matins
4:55   rise for Lauds
5:15   morning prayers, Lauds, cross prayer, Angelus
6:00   coffee, order cell
6:25   exposition of Blessed Sacrament, meditation
7:00   Holy Mass
          20 minutes interval after Mass, followed by
8:30   work period/assigned periods of adoration
10:50 Scripture reading for professed nuns, followed by
          Sext (study time for postulants and novices)
          particular examen, cross prayer
11:30 dinner, Angelus
          dishes, work period
          free time (20min)
1:30   cross prayer and None
2:05   novitiate instructions/adoration/work period
3:45   rosary, Vespers, meditation
5:00   collation, Angelus
          quiet time for study, prayer, spiritual reading
6:30   recreation
7:30   Compline
8:45   bell for retiring

For many, the day ends
when they retire at midnight.
For Poor Clares, the day begins
when they rise at midnight.

Our Chiara bell is rung fifteen minutes in
advance of the bells for Sext and the rosary
to alert sisters working outdoors that the
immediate summons to prayer is proximate.

The cross prayer is a timeless
expression of our Order's devotion
to the Passion of Christ, dating from
the time of Saints Francis and Clare.

3:30   rosary and Vespers, followed by chapter,
          collation and recreation times announced

          work period after dishes
1:45   cross prayer and None
4:20   Franciscan crown, Vespers, meditation
6:00   collation
          free time (20min)
6:40   recreation

As on weekdays, except no interval after Holy Mass
Extra prayer ad libitum throughout the day
10:50 Sext, prayer period
3:30   Vespers, rosary, Benediction
5:00   Sunday supper

As the spirit of contemplative prayer both
flourishes because of and manifests itself in
silence and solitude and in all the works of
penance which betoken the true metanoia, so
is it well served by periods of recreation which
are a vital expression of community and afford
adequate relaxation for the sisters.

Here the sisters rejoice in the Lord with a
“violin” of two sticks, just as our Father
St. Francis fiddled the melody of his own love
and praise eight centuries before.

You are welcome to our public chapel to join us throughout the day for times of prayer.

For more information or prayer requests write to:

Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe
809 E. 19th Street
Roswell, New Mexico 88201-7599