Novena Prayers in Honor of Saint Clare

Holy Mother Clare

INVOCATION: O most holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we praise your holy Name, and the wonders of grace you worked in your servant, St. Clare. Through her powerful intercession grant us the favors we beg in this novena, above all the grace to live and die as she did in your most holy love.

1. Blessed St. Clare, whose very name means light, illumine the darkness of our minds and hearts, so that we may see what God wishes us to do and perform it with a willing and joyful heart. Before your birth, a heavenly voice foretold that you would be a light illuminating the world. Be a light to us in the sorrows and anxieties of this earthly life, and lead us into the eternal light of our home in heaven. Amen.

Pray for us, St. Clare,
that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

2. Seraphic St. Clare, whose virginal heart was great enough to love the whole world, take our petitions into your pure hands and present them to God. Pray for us that we may one day enter in joyously before the throne of God. Let the light of your perfect purity consume the shadows of sin and corruption that darken the world. Intercede by your innocence for our youth. Safeguard the peace of our homes and the unity of our families. Plead with your chaste love for all in peril. Amen.

Pray for us, St. Clare....

3. Generous St. Clare, who left wealth and pleasure and all earthly goods to become the first spiritual daughter of St. Francis and to serve God in the cloister, help us to commit our lives to God without limit or measure so that he may live in us and shine forth from us to all whose lives touch ours. You who loved souls so much as to make your life a continual sacrifice for them, obtain for us the graces we now implore and win for us the strength to praise God in suffering as well as in joy. Amen.

Pray for us, St. Clare....

4. Faithful St. Clare, loyal daughter of the Church, friend and confidante of popes, intercede for holy Church, look graciously from heaven on our Holy Father Pope.... Enlighten us to remove from our souls all that hinders the progress of the Church on earth. Grant that we may share your great love for the Church of God and spread his kingdom on earth by a holy life. You who worked miracles in the presence of the pope on earth, obtain for us the graces we need, now that you stand in the presence of the most high God in heaven. Amen.

Pray for us, St. Clare....

5. Valiant St. Clare, who fearlessly stood alone against the barbarous invaders, trusting in the Blessed Sacrament as your only protection, enkindle in us a tender love for Jesus Christ; help us to lead Eucharistic lives. You who saved your city of Assisi from plunder and ruin, protect our city and diocese, plead for our loved country and the suffering world. A voice from the Sacred Host rewarded your trust with the promise: “I will always take care of you.” Glorious St. Clare, from your high place in heaven, take care of us now in our earthly needs and guide us by your light to heaven. Amen.

Pray for us, St. Clare....

6. Gracious St. Clare, who fulfilled your womanhood by a life of love in prayer and penance, help us to fulfill our destiny that we may one day greet you in heaven. You who were consoled at your death by a vision of Christ and his Mother, obtain for us the grace that we may die under the special protection of God and enter into the light and bliss you now enjoy. Have pity on us who struggle, on us who mourn, and win for us the favors of God so that after this life we may come home to him who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

St. Clare, patroness of television, pray for us.

St. Clare, patroness of television, help us to use the gifts of God for his glory.

St. Clare, patroness of television, never permit us to debase the gifts of God.

*Pope Pius XII proclaimed St. Clare of Assisi patroness of television in 1958.

With ecclesiastical approval